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A Taluqdar of the Old School being A Short Biography of Thakur Jawahir Singh.


Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: nd

Seller ID: 90558

Churchill. A Study in Greatness.

By: (CHURCHILL, Winston.) BEST, Geoffrey.

Price: £35.00 GBP

Publisher: 2001

Seller ID: 86197


By: (DARWIN, Charles) DESMOND, Adrian and MOORE, James.

Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: 1991

Seller ID: 86196

The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Daniel Defoe.

By: (DEFOE, Daniel). WEST, Richard.

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: 1997

Seller ID: 83349

Divinely Elegant. The World of Ernst Dryden. Foreword by Billy Wilder.

By: (DRYDEN, Ernst). LIPMANN, Anthony.

Price: £75.00 GBP

Publisher: Pavilion Books Limited, London. 1989

Seller ID: 38745

The Uncommon Reader. A Life of Edward Garnett.

By: (GARNETT, Edward) SMITH, Helen.

Price: £8.50 GBP

Publisher: 2017

Seller ID: 95451

Neglected Genius. The Diaries of Benjamin Robert Haydon 1808-1846. Edited by....

By: (HAYDON, Benjamin). JOLLIFFE, John.

Price: £10.00 GBP

Publisher: Hutchinson, London 1990

Seller ID: 64959

Chronicles of John R. Jenkins. 1913-1947. Mountaineer, Miner, Quaker. Edited by...

By: (JENKINS, John R). JENKINS, Dulcibel.

Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: Privately published. 1987

Seller ID: 65567

The Rev. Francis Kilvert. A Biography. (SIGNED).

By: (KILVERT). ELIAS, Eileen.

Price: £65.00 GBP

Publisher: [1999]

Seller ID: 82932

The Rev. Francis Kilvert. A Biography. (SIGNED).

By: (KILVERT). ELIAS, Eileen.

Price: £65.00 GBP

Publisher: N.d. [1999]

Seller ID: 82933

The Rev. Francis Kilvert. A Biography. (SIGNED).

By: (KILVERT). ELIAS, Eileen.

Price: £65.00 GBP

Publisher: N.d. [1999]

Seller ID: 82934

The Long Recessional. The Imperial Life of Rudyard Kipling.

By: (KIPLING, Rudyard.) GILMOUR, David.

Price: £10.00 GBP

Publisher: 2002

Seller ID: 95267

Image for Clive Staples Lewis 1898-1963.

Clive Staples Lewis 1898-1963.

By: (LEWIS, C. S.) GARDNER, Helen.

Price: £100.00 GBP

Publisher: [1966]

Seller ID: 88706

Peig. The Autobiography of Peig Sayers of the Great Blasket Island.

By: (SAYERS, Peig) MACMAHON, Bryan (Trans.)

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: Talbot Press 1983

Seller ID: 66006

SCARY. 7 Days and 7 Nights. An Official Biography of "The Scary Guy". (SIGNED BY SCARY) A Wake-Up Call to Change the Mindset of the World.

By: (SCARY). HATWOOD, Mark David.

Price: £19.95 GBP

Publisher: VisionHeart. Hay-on-Wye and Kansas City. 2009

Seller ID: 48315

Alias Papa. A Life of Fritz Schumacher.

By: (SCHUMACHER, Fritz.) WOOD, Barbara.

Price: £10.00 GBP

Publisher: 1984

Seller ID: 94557

Solzhenitsyn. A Documentary Record.

By: (SOLZHENITSYN). Edited and with an Introduction by Leopold Labedz.

Price: £10.00 GBP

Publisher: 1972

Seller ID: 87866

Robert Louis Stevenson. A Biography.

By: (STEVENSON, Robert Louis). HARMAN, Claire.

Price: £25.00 GBP

Publisher: 2005

Seller ID: 86481

Wilfred Thesiger. The Life of the Great Explorer

By: (THESIGER, Wilfred.) MAITLAND, Alexander.

Price: £18.00 GBP

Publisher: 2006

Seller ID: 94954

Edward Thomas. A Critical Biography. 1878 - 1917.

By: (THOMAS, Edward.) COOKE, William

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: 1970

Seller ID: 92498

Selected Letters of Oscar Wilde.

By: (WILDE, Oscar). HART-DAVIS, Rupert. (Edited by).

Price: £60.00 GBP

Publisher: 1979

Seller ID: 75852

Virginia Woolf A Biography. Two volumes. Volume One Virginia Stephen 1882-1912.Volume Two Mrs Woolf 1912-1941.

By: (WOOLF, Virginia) BELL, Quentin.

Price: £25.00 GBP

Publisher: 1973

Seller ID: 95455

Virginia Woolf. The Impact of Sexual Abuse on her Life and Work.

By: (WOOLF, Virginia) DESALVO, Louise.

Price: £8.95 GBP

Publisher: 1991

Seller ID: 95450

Virginia Woolfe and Her World.

By: (WOOLFE, Virginia.) LEHMANN, John

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: 1975

Seller ID: 93207

Tony Benn. A Biography. FIRST EDITION IN DW.

By: ADAMS, Jad.

Price: £25.00 GBP

Publisher: 1992

Seller ID: 90492

Mary Webb. A Short Study of her Life and Work.

By: ADDISON, Hilda.

Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: 1931

Seller ID: 91793

The Kindness of Strangers. SIGNED BY AUTHOR

By: ADIE, Kate.

Price: £10.00 GBP

Publisher: 2002

Seller ID: 95475

John the Twenty Third.

By: ALGISI, Leone.

Price: £8.50 GBP

Publisher: 1966

Seller ID: 83020

Mick. The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Mick Jagger.

By: ANDERSEN, Christopher.

Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: 2012

Seller ID: 81827

The Diaries. Edited by Paul Sutton. With a Preface by Malcolm McDowell.

By: ANDERSON, Lindsay.

Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: 2004

Seller ID: 95429