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The Art of the Book. From Medieval Manuscript to Graphic Novel.

By: BETTLEY, James. (Editedby...)

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: 2001

Seller ID: 88134

Thomas Bewick. Wood Engraver. Newcastle Upon Tyne 1753-1828.

By: BEWICK, Thomas.

Price: £35.00 GBP

Publisher: The Signet Press, Greenock. 1956

Seller ID: 31713

Iconography of Buddhist and Brahmanical Sculptures in the Dacca Museum. With preface by Mr. H.E. Stapleton, Director of Public Instruction, Bengal; and with 83 plates, containing 10 collotype and 146 half-tone illustrations and one map.

By: BHATTASALI, Nalini Kanta.

Price: £125.00 GBP

Publisher: Dacca Museum Committee, Dacca. 1929

Seller ID: 61571

Rembrandt. The Late Works.

By: BIKKER, Jonathan, Gregor J.M. WEBER, Marjoie E. WIESEMAN and Erik HINTERDING.

Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: The National Gallery. 2014

Seller ID: 95288

The Glasgow Boys. The Glasgow School of Painting 1875-1895.


Price: £30.00 GBP

Publisher: 1990

Seller ID: 86724

Frank Holl. Emerging From the Shadows.

By: BILLS, Mark.

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: 2013

Seller ID: 85822

Binoche et Godeau. Andy Warhol Ladies and Gentleman Collection de 26 tableaux. Picasso Les Noces De Pierette. Pour la premiere fois les salles de Drouot Montaigne a Paris et du Bunkamura Shibuya Tokyo seront en contact par video satellite.


Price: £25.00 GBP

Publisher: Binoche. Drouot Montaigne, Paris. 1989

Seller ID: 63620

The Alchemy of Sculpture.

By: BIRKS, Tony.

Price: £25.00 GBP

Publisher: 1998

Seller ID: 82131

Frida Kahlo and My Left Leg.

By: BLACK. Emily Rapp.

Price: £8.95 GBP

Publisher: Notting Hill Editions. London. 2021

Seller ID: 95562

The Art and Architecture of Islam 1250-1800.

By: BLAIR, Sheila S. and BLOOM, Jonathan M.

Price: £25.00 GBP

Publisher: 1995

Seller ID: 91398

Peter Blake.

By: BLAKE, Peter. Tate Gallery.

Price: £70.00 GBP

Publisher: Tate Gallery. London. 1983

Seller ID: 63622

Quentin Blake. Chris Beetles Catalogue with Price List. 1996.

By: BLAKE, Quentin.

Price: £10.00 GBP

Publisher: Chris Beetles. London. 1996

Seller ID: 63328

Illuminated Books and Engravings. A Loan Exhibition.

By: BLAKE, William.

Price: £12.50 GBP

Publisher: National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh. 1969

Seller ID: 55109

Songs of Experience. The Author & Printer W. Blake.

By: BLAKE, William.

Price: £75.00 GBP

Publisher: Ernest Benn. London. 1927

Seller ID: 55376

Songs of Innocence. The Author & Printer W. Blake.

By: BLAKE, William.

Price: £75.00 GBP

Publisher: Ernest Benn. London. 1926

Seller ID: 55375

There Is No Natural Religion. Facsimile copy in two volumes of Blake's There is No Natural Relion published by the Trianon Press for the William Blake Trust, London. 1971

By: BLAKE, William.

Price: £250.00 GBP

Publisher: Trianon Press Facsimiles for the William Blake Trust. Paris. 1971

Seller ID: 55373

Visions of the Daughters of Albion.

By: BLAKE, William.

Price: £400.00 GBP

Publisher: Trianon Press Facsimiles for the William Blake Trust. Paris. 1959

Seller ID: 55369

William Blake Visiones de mundos eternos. (1757-1827). 2 de febrero -7 de abril de 1996. Sala de Exposicioned de la Funacion la Caixa, Madrid.

By: BLAKE, William.

Price: £40.00 GBP

Publisher: Fundacion la Caixa, Madrid. 1996

Seller ID: 55249

William Blake's Illuminated Books. A Census compiled by Geoffrey Keynes and Edwin Wolf. 2nd.

By: BLAKE, William.

Price: £40.00 GBP

Publisher: The Grolier Club. Kraus Reprint. New York. 1953

Seller ID: 50165

William Blake. Catalogue of the Preston Blake Library. Presented by Kerrison Preston in 1967.

By: BLAKE, William.

Price: £7.95 GBP

Publisher: Westminster City Libraries. London. 1969

Seller ID: 55226

William Blake. The Renowned Collection of First Editions, Original Drawings, Autograph Letters And An Important Painting In Oils. Samuel L. Clemens. Manuscripts, Autographs, First Editions including the Manuscript of Tom Sawyer from which the London 1876 edition was printed. Autograph Letters, First Editions of English and American Authors collected by the late George C. Smith JR. New York. Public Sale November 2 and 3 at 8.15pm by order of the Executors.

By: BLAKE, William.

Price: £10.00 GBP

Publisher: Parke-Bernet Galleries, New York. 1938

Seller ID: 55235

William Blake. Catalogue of the Preston Blake Library. Presented by Kerrison Preston. Cumulative Supplement to the printed Catalogue of 1969.

By: BLAKE, William. (GOFF, Phyllis, compiled by).

Price: £12.50 GBP

Publisher: Westminster City Libraries. London. 1976

Seller ID: 55228

William Blake. Organised by the British Council, Paris - Antwerp - Zurich. Tate Gallery. 1947.

By: BLAKE, William. 1757-1827.

Price: £7.50 GBP

Publisher: Tate Gallery Publishing. London. 1947

Seller ID: 55370

William Blake Catalogue of the Collection In The Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge.

By: BLAKE, William. BINDMAN, David, edited by.

Price: £6.95 GBP

Publisher: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. 1970

Seller ID: 55220

A Personal Record. Cotswold Summer. SIGNED FIRST EDITION.

By: BLOCKLEY, G. John.

Price: £250.00 GBP

Publisher: 1998

Seller ID: 73320

10 Historical Sites of The Holy Land. (SIGNED).

By: BLUM, Ludwig.

Price: £125.00 GBP

Publisher: Shulamit Publishing Co. Jerusalem. 1955

Seller ID: 62366

Japanese Drama. Tourist Library: 6.


Price: £25.00 GBP

Publisher: Maruzen Company Ltd. Tokyo. 1936

Seller ID: 67673

Miniatures and Silhouettes.

By: BOEHN, Max Von. Translated By E. K. Walker.

Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: 1926

Seller ID: 75904

The Impressionists Portraits and Confidences.

By: BONAFOUX, Pascal.

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: 1987

Seller ID: 75191

Van Gogh. Self Portraits. With Accompanying Letters From Vincent to His Brother Theo. Translated by Daniel Simon.


Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: 1989

Seller ID: 74960