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Frank Frazetta. Book Two. Edited by Betty Ballantine.

By: FRAZETTA, Frank.

Price: £30.00 GBP

Publisher: 1977

Seller ID: 92834

The Art of the Pal Empire of Bengal.


Price: £45.00 GBP

Publisher: Oxford University Press, Oxford. 1928

Seller ID: 56886

Naum Gabo: Sixty Years of Constructivism. Edited by Steven A, Nash and Jorn Merkert. Including Catalogue Raisonne of the Constructions and Sculptures.

By: GABO, Naum.

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: 1985

Seller ID: 95320

Drawings and Sculpture. With an Introduction by Mervyn Levy.


Price: £30.00 GBP

Publisher: 1965

Seller ID: 94054

The Observer's Book of Modern Art.

By: GAUNT, William.

Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: Frederick Warne & Co. London. 1976

Seller ID: 92109

The Observer's Book of Sculpture. With 8 plates in full colour and 62 monochrome reproductions from photographs.

By: GAUNT, William.

Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: 1966

Seller ID: 91935

Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines... New Images of Dylan Thomas' Poetry.

By: GAYLOR, Brian. (Dylan Thomas).

Price: £45.00 GBP

Publisher: 2003

Seller ID: 82033

Bridges on the Backs. A Series of Drawings by David Gentleman. Introduced by Peter Eden.


Price: £250.00 GBP

Publisher: 1961

Seller ID: 95582

The World of Icons.


Price: £25.00 GBP

Publisher: John Murray. 1971

Seller ID: 94578

Till I End My Song. With Wood Engravings by the Author.

By: GIBBINGS, Robert.

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: 1957

Seller ID: 85244

Till I End My Song. With Wood Engravings by the Author.

By: GIBBINGS, Robert.

Price: £8.95 GBP

Publisher: 1958

Seller ID: 85254

John Bratby Portraits.

By: GIBSON, Robin. Foreword by John Bratby,

Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: 1991

Seller ID: 75190

Art About St. Ives.

By: GILBERT, Henry C. RAY, Roy and ORCHARD, Colin.

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: 1987

Seller ID: 77127

Twenty-Five Nudes. Engraved by Eric Gill. With an Introduction. 1950 REPRINT WITH DUSTWRAPPER.

By: GILL, Eric.

Price: £200.00 GBP

Publisher: 1950

Seller ID: 78987

Eros. Winter, 1962, Volume One, Number Four.

By: GINZBURG, Ralph....Edited by.

Price: £25.00 GBP

Publisher: 1963

Seller ID: 76515

Painting. Glasgow School of Art 1999. Exit 99.


Price: £10.00 GBP

Publisher: Privately published. 1999

Seller ID: 64882

Above and Below Stairs.

By: GOODALL, John S.

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: Macmillan. London. 1983

Seller ID: 92982

A Lecture on the Sculpture of Indochina, Siam, and Java. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society.

By: GORDINE, Dora. (HARE, Hon. Mrs. Richard)

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: JRAS. 1942.

Seller ID: 59219

The Beauty of Indian Sculpture. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society.

By: GORDINE, Dora. (HARE, Hon. Mrs. Richard)

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: JRAS. 1941

Seller ID: 59220

Art in France 1900-1940.

By: GREEN, Christopher.

Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: 2000

Seller ID: 91396

Flying Over Water. Volar Damunt L'aigua.


Price: £10.00 GBP

Publisher: Merrell Holberton Publishers, London. 1997

Seller ID: 61252

Art Nouveau. 1890 - 1914.

By: GREENHALGH, Paul. Edited by...

Price: £15.00 GBP

Publisher: 2000

Seller ID: 85823

Days with Ted. A Book of Reminiscences being part 2 of: Simpleton of the Unexpected. (SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION).

By: GREGORY, John.

Price: £250.00 GBP

Publisher: 1995

Seller ID: 78270

Women As Second Language.

By: GRENON Gregory.

Price: £20.00 GBP

Publisher: 1990

Seller ID: 75201

I Rick Griffin.

By: GRIFFIN, Rick. Written by Gordon McCLELLAND.

Price: £40.00 GBP

Publisher: Paper Tiger. Dragon's World. Limpsfield. 1980

Seller ID: 93084

Die Kunst Ist In Gefahr. (Art is in Danger).

By: GROSZ, George und Wieland Herzfelde.

Price: £250.00 GBP

Publisher: 1925

Seller ID: 77529

Love Above All and Other Drawings. 120 works by George Grosz.

By: GROSZ, George.

Price: £12.00 GBP

Publisher: 1971

Seller ID: 77546

Carnet De Viaje.

By: GUAL, Enrique F.

Price: £35.00 GBP

Publisher: 1969

Seller ID: 76409

Constantin Guys Von Georges Grappe. Mit Vierundzwanzig Mattkunst-Druckbildern und Neanununddreissig Reproduktionen in Tondruck.

By: GUYS, Constantin.

Price: £50.00 GBP

Publisher: Verlagsanstalt, Berlin. 1909

Seller ID: 62367

The History of Bovril Advertising.

By: HADLEY, Peter.

Price: £25.00 GBP

Publisher: Bovril Ltd. London. 1970

Seller ID: 95338